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Meet Christina Honsa!

Christina is currently doing a traineeship with DRI Consulting. She functions in the role of Consultant while also pursuing her Masters of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Capella University. Christina brings unique experience to the table with a background in Healthcare as a Psychiatric Associate. She demonstrates success in timely results with individuals, teams and organizations. She has special skills and interests working with assessments and surveys, talent acquisitions, organizational development/effectiveness and leadership. She uses her graduate training/skills and passion for consulting in her role at DRIC.


M: How long have you been with DRI Consulting?

C: About 4 months. I started in August.

M: How did you hear about DRIC?

C: Two different people from MPPAW (Minnesota Professionals for Psychology Applied to Work), including the person who got me involved in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, told me about DRIC.

M: What has the experience been like for you?

C: The experience has been amazing. I've been able to narrow down my interests through the work I'm doing with DRIC. I've been doing assessments and executive coaching, and I've worked professionally with a range of clients. I've discovered that I really like organizational development. Through DRIC, I attended my first academic I/O conference. I've covered so much of my learning checklist by working with John (Fennig) at DRIC.

M: Would you recommend DRIC to others for their internship?

C: Definitely. It's hands-on and provides such a range of opportunities. I don't know of any other practice that would provide this kind of experience.


As the teaching and learning arm of DRI Consulting, Consulting Psychology Corner (CPC) supports internships in three ways:

  1. By providing a resource base where interns can access learning materials that aid their work with clients;

  2. By creating a learning community through our discussion forum where candidates can engage with others who have an interest in consulting around issues that are relevant to practice;

  3. By funding internship positions through the sale of learning resources.

Interested in becoming an intern with DRIC? Learn more here.

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